Live Stream Speakers

STREAMING from across the globe

Aaron Voisine

Co-Founder & President at BRD

Aaron van Wirdum

Technical Editor, Bitcoin Magazine

Adam Traidman

CEO of BRD, CEO of SBI Mining Chip

Alex Bosworth

Lightning Infrastructure Lead at @lightning - CEO of

Alex Gladstein

Chief Strategy Officer: @HRF + @OsloFF

Alex Leishman

Founder CEO & CTO,

Allen Piscitello

Vice President Of Product Management at Blockstream

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Author, Mastering Bitcoin; Mastering Ethereum; & The Internet of Money

Andrew Poelstra

Director of Research at Blockstream

Anita Posch

Host @BitcoinundCo_ Podcast

Arthur Hayes

Co-Founder & CEO of BitMEX

Austin Davis

Plouton Mining

BTC Sessions

Host of the BTC Sessions on YouTube

Bach Nguyen

Business Development, Satoshi Labs

Brekkie von Bitcoin

#Bitcoin Artist & Advocate

Carla Kirk-Cohen

Software Engineer, Lightning Labs

Charlie Shrem

Bitcoiner & Host of

Chris Dannen

Founder & Managing Partner @iterativecap | Creator of @Escherapp

Chris Maurice

CEO of Yellow Card

Christian Keroles

Host, POV Crypto

Citizen Bitcoin

Head of Education

Cory Klippsten

Founder of &

David Bailey

Founder & CEO, BTC Media

Desiree Dickerson

VP of Ops, Lightning Labs

Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar


Dominik Stroukal

Economics Expert, SatoshiLabs

Elizabeth Stark

Co-Founder, Lightning Labs

Eric Wall


Francis Pouliot

CEO of

Gary Leland

Founder, BitBlockBoom Conference


Author, coder, curator and recovering shitposter

Guy Hirsch

US Managing Director, eToro

Hemanth Kumar

CEO & Co-Founder at Mints


Co-Founder, nodl

Igor Runets

CEO, Bitriver

Jack Mallers

Yo @zap @ln_strike

James Putra

Head of Product Strategy, TradeStation Crypto

Joel Edgerton

COO of @bitFlyerUSA

Josie Bellini


Justin Dhingra

Chief Cryptofinance Officer, Crypto Garage

Justin Moon

Teaching bitcoin development:

Katie Ananina


Koji Higashi

Interested in #Bitcoin and freedom

Konstantin Richter

CEO & Founder @blockdaemon

Lana Schwartzman

Chief Compliance Officer, Paxful

Leo Weese

Founder, HK Bitcoin Meetup

Lina Seiche

Marketing Director @BTSEcom

Marty Bent

Co-Host, Tales From The Crypt

Matt D'Souza

Hedge Fund Manager, Blockchain Opportunity Fund; CEO, Blockware Solutions; CEO, Blockware Mining

Matt Odell

Co-Host, Tales From The Crypt

Michael Goldstein

Bitcoin and meat maximalist. President, @NakamotoInst . Co-host, @NodedPodcast


Bitcoin Gamers :-)


Head of Marketing @HashKeyhub

Muneeb Ali

Co-Founder @Blockstack

Nejc Kodriฤ

CEO, Bitstamp

Nic Carter

Partner at Castle Island Ventures

Obi Nwosu

CEO @Coinfloor

Parker Lewis

Head of Business Development, Unchained Capital


Contributor @BTCPayServer

Pete Rizzo

Editor-At-Large @krakenfx

Prashanth Balasubramanian

CEO @ lastbit

Preston Pysh

The Investor's Podcast

Richard Myers

Decentralization Engineering @globalmeshlabs & @goTenna

Robert Breedlove

Founder and CEO, Parallax Digital

Rockstar Dev

Developer @ln_zap @BtcPayServer

Ruben Somsen

Founder of @SeoulBitcoin Meetup

Ryan Selkis

Founder, @messaricrypto

Samson Mow

CSO @Blockstream

Sasha A. Hodder

Attorney at DLT Law Group, P.A., Host of the HodlCast Podcast

Sharan Nair

Chief Business Officer at CoinSwitch and CRUXPay


Co-Founder, SatoshiLabs

Soona Amhaz

General Partner @volt_cap

Stephan Livera

Host, Stephan Livera Podcast


Co-Founder, SatoshiLabs

Tommy Marcheschi

Sr Graphic Designer, Bitcoin Magazine

Will Reeves

Co-Founder & CEO, FOLD

Yan Pritzker

Co-Founder & CTO,

Yuzo Kano

Co-Founder & CEO, bitFlyer

Many More Guests TBA